Registered Physiotherapist BSc, HK, MSc PT, MCPA


Esther graduated from the University of Guelph with her BSc (Hons) in Human Kinetics, then attended McMaster University and obtained her MSc in physiotherapy. Since graduating several years ago, she has gained much experience treating clients in a private clinic setting.

Esther enjoys learning and seeks to continually develop herself professionally. She has taken many courses including those in manual therapy (hands on study), acupuncture and dry needling, therapeutic taping, hand injuries, and others.


Recreationally, Esther enjoys many activities and has competed in rock climbing, crossfit, and ultimate frisbee. Currently she is focusing on her family and farm, but occasionally gets the chance to enjoy horseback riding or play her violin.


Esther’s mission is to assist and equip you in the pursuit of better health.

Whether it’s helping you prevent injury, deal with an aging body and life demands, recover after surgery, or achieve a sports or other life goal, she is here to help you improve your move!

Esther looks forward to meeting you!

Note: Each private individual session is with Esther who is a registered physiotherapist (no assistants).


Phone: 416-494-4800


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